Raniag, The Vigan Twilight Festival

The city has its own way to enliven the culture of the Ilocanos during this season through the Raniag Vigan Twilight Festival which is celebrated on the last last 3days of October to first 2days of November.

‘Raniag’ means light which connotes the light that we offer to the lord in thanksgiving, the beacon that symbolizes our love for our departed kin and warmth of the bonding renewed in reunions held during All Saints Day.

Candle Floaters
This twilight festival usually starts with the candle floaters along the Mestizo River signifying the cleansing of the community from bad luck and negative vibrations. It is also our mode of thanking God for the bounties from rivers and the sea.

Coinciding with the Halloween Season, the glamorous float parade is not covered by fear and a trembling effect of paranoia but it is full of colorful lights and celebration. It highlights creativity of the Bigueños.
Raniag Float Parade
Some of these tricycle floats have themes of angels, fairies, fantasy and child movie concepts. Still other floats prefer scary themes such as witches, zombies, aswang, kapre and other malignos.

Also, a Halloween-themed street dancing is not the usual street dancing as you expect because it happens at night. The street dancers carry with them materials that produce light in different intensity, pulsating and colors thereby adding appeal to the event as they blend well with the festivity of the city.

Hundreds of sky lanterns are released on air every year during the Vigan Twilight Festival. Vigan’s vibrant culture continues to build a strong foundation of identity that defines the spirit and soul of every Bigueño. This Halloween, this festival has defined that city’s culture once again.

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