Barangay VII (Pagburnayan)



Pagburnayan, meaning, “a place where burnay is made”, covers most of barangay VII and the southwestern part of Barangay VIII. The district was so called because the Chinese burnay jar-making technology was done here. As such, the Chinese artisans who introduced the technology and the native craftsmen resided in this area, near their place of work. With at least 7 burnay jar jar factories up until about 1950’s, only three exist at present and are located within Barangay VII.


There are two (versions) as to why the place was called “Pagburnayan”. The first is that, the place being hilly and overlooking the sea and its surroundings, the people appointed a man on top of the hill to guard and watch for any intruder who might come and invade the place. The place called “MIRA”, a name it still holds to this day.

mira hills

mira hills 2

The other version has something to do with the people’s trade, that of jar manufacturing. Actually, it was the Chinese from “Chan-Chin” in mainland China who introduced the industry to the place which was found to be rich in clay, a soil type excellent for manufacturing “burnays” (earthen jars). The industry is what has made the place famous thus, the name “Pagburnayan” is retained.

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