Barangay VI (Pagpandayan)


Most parts of Barangay VI and the eastern part of Barangay VIII comprised what was popularly known as Pagpandayan. Pagpandayan is an Iloco word meaning “blacksmithing area”. The community was called because it was where steel weapons, particularly paltik or revolvers, were made, among others. The paltik industry flourished especially during the “saka-saka Period”. With paltik-making declared as illegal, the panday (blacksmith) eventually went out of commission. Now, it is where ornamental iron works are made.


Pagpandayan is where you can taste the delicious Sinanglaw, an Ilocano popular dish. The ingredients include the innards and skin of a cow sautéed in onion, ginger, garlic, peppercorns and kamias, cooked over medium heat until tender. In its original recipe, a moderate amount of the cow’s bile (or papait) is added for more zest.


The preparation of empanada is an exciting event. The cooking of this local streetfood delight is a show in itself. The manangs roll the dough into a soft shell, put in the ingredients and cook the empanadas right before your eyes and serve them crispy and fresh off the pan.

Vigan empanada is made from a freshly-rolled dough of rice-flour and egg whites. It’s filled in with a mixture of cabbage, carrots, green papaya, monggo sprouts and tomatoes. The dough with filling is then deep-fried in a large pan until the dough turns into a crispy shell. This is the regular empanada and sells for P5.

The Vigan empanada has a variation: special empanada. Special empanada has a slightly bigger crust, is filled with all the ingredients of regular empanada, but has additional Vigan longganisa (local sausage) bits and an egg yolk. This special empanada sells for P25.

Also, you’ll find Ukoy which is offered along side with the empanada. Ukoy is made from a batter of rice flour and onions topped with small shrimps. The concoction turns into a crispy mouthful after deep frying. Ukoy sells for P25.

Villa Angela

Built by Gobernadorcillo Agapito Florendo y Bonifacio in 1870, Villa Angela stands proudly on a 2,000 square meter lot as a shining example of a Vigan Heritage House. Being a rich depository of the family’s relics and memorabilia acquired through the years, Villa Angela remains a showcase of the family’s past and present standing in the Vigan community.

Villa Angela has been the venue of many historical and social gatherings in the Vigan of yesteryears, and remains so today, as a preferred venue for both grand and intimate gatherings, garden weddings, baptismal parties and even retreats, seminars, workshops and training courses for various groups and organizations.

Pagpandayan River

The scenic Pagpandayan River

Pagpandayan Barangay Council

The Barangay VI (Pagpandayan) Council

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