Barangay V (Pagpartian)



A certain part of Barangay V is called Pagpartian, which means “a place for slaughtering”, because the city’s pagpartian or slaughterhouse is located in this area, along the western side of the Mestizo River.

Due to the proximity of the source of meat, Pagpartian residents, as well as of neighboring Capangpangan on the eastern side of the Mestizo River, are well-known for home-based eat processing activities and enterprises. Vigan’s famous longganisa (Ilokano sausage) and bagnet (deep fried and crunchy pork chunks) are made in these areas. Similarly, chicharon (puffed and crunchy pork skin), lechon (roasted pig), dinardaraan (pork blood stew) are prepared here. Notably, longganisa and bagnet makers in other Barangays originated from either Pagpartian or Capangpangan.

Vigan is the proud birthplace of the Philippines’ sixth president, Elpidio Quirino. President Quirino is best remembered as the chief author of economic developments undertaken by the country that helped it rise from the devastation of World War II, as well as the country’s foreign policy direction during that time.
syquia mansion

The Syquia Mansion which houses President Qurino’s extensive memorabilia is actually owned by his wife, Dona Alicia Quirino. Her ancestor was a Chinese who made his fortune in the robust trading in Vigan. Sy Kia’s pride in his Asian heritage can be seen by visitors to the Syquia mansion where they can view a portrait of him with his braided long hair and traditional Chinese robes. His descendants adopted the hispanized Syquia surname later on.

The first lady’s grand ancestral home was where some of the President’s functions were held during his administration so it is not only worth a visit for the presidential memorabilia but also for the feel of the magnificent and historical gatherings that have taken place amongst the elegant furnishings.

To find the Syquia Mansion, visitors may walk through Crisologo Street towards Gordion Inn or the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the two-storey, blue and cream-painted mansion will be in the corner of Quirino Boulevard.

Inside the Syquia Mansion one will marvel at the huge rooms filled with not only Philippine antiques but also those from countries all over the world. There are huge oil portraits of the family, with three identified as being done by national artist Fernando Amorsolo. There is even a huge replica of Juan Luna’s Spolarium, which was painted by the national hero and painter’s assistant.

The house is still used by members of the Quirino family, so visitors will see modern implements in the dinning room and kitchen together with the exquisite antique chinaware on display.

The Barangay’s Vision

A well organized tourist-friendly, progressive,clean and green, safe and healthy barangay inhabited by united, educated, friendly, peace-loving, god fearing, cooperative people,led by active,responsible and transparent government.

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