Barangay IX (Cuta)


The old name of Barangay IX is Cuta. It is a Spanish word meaning “fort”, which is adopted as kuta in Filipino/Iloco. It is the belief of some people that Cuta was given such a name due to the fact that it is located at the southern entrance of the poblacion where a fort was built during the olden days to protect Ciudad Fernandina from the Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Moro attacks. Interestingly, the first chapel established by the Spaniards is said to have been built in this area, right at the bank of the Mestizo River. Unstudied evidence of the chapel’s existence, constituting mainly of brick and stone remnants, can be seen in that portion of the silted river, although politically belonging to the Beddeng Laud side. Likewise, the old Cadre or the province’s military headquarters was located nearby, in Barangay Tamag.

Authentic Delicacies

Pipian – chicken and browned ground rice with camias, achiote and fragrant pasotes leaves

Interesting Places to See
Colonial MarkerColonial Marker along Calle Quirino

Vigan Central SchoolVigan Central School

Arce MansionArce Mansion

River CruiseTake a serene river cruise along Cuta’s waterway

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