Barangay IV (Solid West)

The home of the Zarzuelistas

Barangay IV which is otherwise known as Solid West was formerly called Naturales at a certain period of Vigan history. At another period, it was called Barraca ti ili. It was called Naturales because natural-born Filipinos inhabited the place at the time. As for Barraca ti Ili as a name, it was mooring place of galleys and other sea crafts during the Spanish regime. Information had it that ships could navigate as far as a portion of the Mestizo River, north of the St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace. Solid West as a name was given to this area due to the unity exhibited by the populace.


The northern portions of Barangays II and IV, along the southern banks of the Govantes River, cover a settlement named Hollywood. It is said that its name was derived from the fact that most of the settlers in the area were actors in zarzuela groups. With a few houses in the late 1950’s, the area is congested with 96 houses and about 150 families, all believed to be informal settlers. Many of the residents came from any parts of the town, especially from Barangay IV itself. However, a number of residents came from other provinces such as Ilocos Norte, Pampanga, Tarlac and even from the Visayas.

The settlement gradually encroached a large portion of the Govantes River, choking the river flow and contributing to its deteriorating condition.

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