Barangay II (Amianance)

Clean and Green Poblacion Barangay

Some parts of Barangay II comprises a section called Kainsikan /Kasanglayan (from Intsik, Sangley or Chinese) or kamestizoan (from mestizo or half-breed, owing to the fact that the area was, and is still is inhabited largely by Chinese merchants. Recently, this section has been referred to as the Vigan Heritage Village, and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it is only the remaining vestige of the Spanish colonial era of town planning in the Philippines having kept intact most of the houses built during the said period. The Kasanglayan section used to be both a residential and commercial area, however, business activity within the section was limited to light commerce in the recent decades to protect this historic center.

Barangay II is popularly known as “ Amianance” because it is the northern most district in the Mestizo River area. Its name was taken from the Iloko word “Amianan” which means north. It is bounded in the south by Barangay V, also known as Pagpartian, the western part by Barangay I, on the eastern part by Mestizo River and a bridge leading to Barangay Capangpangan and on the northern part is the Quirino Blvd. leading to Bantay Ilocos Sur.

Authentic Delicacies:

Royal Bibingka
Royal Bibingka, a variation of a rice cake.
Turones de Mani
Turrones de Mani, the main ingredient are ground peanuts.

Famous Men and Women of Amianance

Isabelo delos Reyes – (July 7, 1864 – October 10, 1938) also known as Don Belong, was a prominent Filipino politician and labor activist in the 19th and 20th century. He is the founder of the Aglipayan Church and a Forerunner of Filipino Socialism.

Born to Elias de los Reyes and the poetess Leona Florentino in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, he attended schools in Vigan and Manila. He followed his mother’s footsteps by initially turning to writing as a career and became a journalist, editor, and publisher in Manila.

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