Ayusan Norte

Ayusan Norte

Brief History

Ayusan Norte is bounded on the north by Barangay IV(now solid west); on the east by Paoa and Pagburnayan; on the west by a tributary of the Abra River and on the south by Bulala.

There was only one barangay of Ayusan during the Spanish time. The place was sparsely populated. It was only a place where flood water found its way to a river flowing to the China Sea. Many houses that were washed away during typhoons and flood drifted to the river banks near Ayusan. It was for this reason that people of the other villages called the place “Ayusan” and Ilocano word which refers to a place where water flows.

Socio-Economic Profile

Ayusan Norte is economically progressive as they are the homes of rice and corn traders.

Rice Field


Barangay Ayusan Norte has a total land area of 70 hectares divided as follows: Agricultural land, 55 hectares, Residential land, 15 hectares. Ayusan Norte is located southeast of the town proper. It is one kilometer away from the city hall. It is bounded on the north by Barangay IV, on the east by Tamag, Paoa and Barangay VII, on the west by a tributary on the Abra River (Mindoro River).

Ayusan Norte Household Map
Ayusan Norte Map


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